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Questions to Ask a Limo Company Before Hiring

Be sure that you have the right limo company and the right limousine for your needs when you hire Chrysler limos in Adelaide. You want your day to be memorable for all the right reasons! Reputation, safety, reliability, and value are just some of the things you need to look for when looking for a limousine company.

Here are some of the best questions to ask a limo company before hiring.

What is the Hire Time?

Limousine companies often have a minimum hire time. They need to take into account washing and preparing the vehicle. When organising Chrysler limo hire in Adelaide, minimal hire time can range from one to three hours, so always check when you are booking.

Type of Vehicles Available

Check the type of vehicles that your limo company has in its fleet, the age of the vehicles and their condition when booking your limo for Adelaide Hills wine tours, weddings, and any other event. You need to be sure that there is a backup vehicle available in the case of breakdown. Ask for a guarantee that you can get the exact vehicle that you are ordering.


Ask fr referrals from family or friends, or do checks on the limo business online. Whether you are booking your limo for airport transfers, a wedding, a special event or Barossa Valley Wine Tours, you want to ensure that you have a reputable reference before you go ahead and hire.

Inspect the Limousines before Your Wedding, Limo Wine Tours in Adelaide, or other Events

Before you book, go to the business address of the limo company and inspect their range of vehicles. Ask to see the limo that you are hiring. This will help you with deciding on which vehicle to choose before you hire.


The above pointers will help you to ensure that you hire a reputable limo company with reliable vehicles. Make sure that the limo company is easy to deal with and provides great professional service. At Baileys Limousines we specialise in weddings, and limo wine tours in Adelaide regions. Contact us for further information today.