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Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Limousine

Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life. A limousine adds to the glamour and romance of the day, gives your wedding an extra touch of luxury, and really makes the bride and groom feel special. When hiring a wedding limousine for your big day:

You Have Peace of Mind Knowing That You Will Arrive on Time

When you organise wedding limo hire in Adelaide through us, you do not have any worries about not arriving at the church on time!  Although it is tradition for the bride to be a little late, you do want to make the service in reasonable time!

A Limousine Can Transport a Wedding Party Easily

Our stretch limousines can transport up to 12 people easily. You can bring with you the entire wedding party – which is not possible in a classic car.

You Can Have a Glass of Bubbles on the Way to the Ceremony

We have licensing for champagne – a must before and after the wedding ceremony! Enjoying a glass of bubbly on your way to the wedding is the ultimate luxury – you can savour the moment and really relax and have fun with your bridal party.

Organising Wedding Limo Hire in Adelaide Creates an Unforgettable Experience

Relax and enjoy the comfort and luxury of our prestige limousines on the way to your wedding. The glamour, sophistication, and elegance of a limousine gives you a feeling of extravagance that simply adds to the memory of the day.

Ordering Adelaide Limo Hire Ensures a Grand Entrance

When you hire limo in Adelaide, you can be confident of a sophisticated entrance to your wedding venue. All eyes will be on the bride as you arrive at your service and step from the limousine. When you organise our wedding limo hire in Adelaide, you can also be assured of fantastic photo opportunities.


Organising a stretch limousine for your wedding will help to create a special day. The memories will last forever. For the ultimate in Wedding limo hire in Adelaide contact us at Baileys Limousines.