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Tips for Hiring Classic Wedding Cars in Adelaide

Classic wedding cars are sophisticated. They have class, style and bring a nostalgic feel to your special day. At Bailey’s Limousines, we specialize in wedding and classic care hire in Adelaide. Our classic cars are exceptional vehicles that are beautiful and have elegance and style. A classic car will add to your wedding day and create a memorable experience for the bride and groom.

When organizing classic wedding cars in Adelaide we have the following tips to ensure a fantastic and memorable experience:

HaveYour Wedding ThemeFinalised

When hiring classic wedding cars in Adelaide, finalize the theme of your wedding first.You will need to coordinate the style and color of the car with your wedding theme, the outfits of the bridal party, the flowers, and your wedding color scheme.

Know How Many Passengers You Will Have

Decide who will be traveling in the limousine on each trip to and from the ceremony.

Before booking your wedding limo hire in Adelaide ensure that the size of your chosen classic car is adequate for the number of passengers that will be traveling.

Inspect the Vehicle

After you have found the perfect car for your wedding, we advise that you make a visit to the car hire company and inspect it before finalizing your booking. Check that your hire company has adequate insurance, and a backup driver.

Special Requirements for Your Wedding Limo Hire in Adelaide

Discuss any special requirements that you may have with the hire company.

This may include champagne on the way to the ceremony, best photo opportunities and scenic, romantic routes to and from the wedding. You may wish for your chauffeur’s attire to match that of your wedding party. Speak to us about these requirements in advance.

Contact us at Baileys Limousines for more information on beautiful classic car hire in Adelaide. We can help to make your dream day special, and will ensure that you arrive at your wedding venue relaxed, on time and in style!